Can not figure out how to change component text

Hello be low I have attached pic with the compnent I want to change that says product, wf, etc… No matter what I do I can’t edit the text. the line is some sort of border that runs through the text.

thank you for your time i appreciate the help

Change your property filter from “Basic” to “Advanced”, then you can edit the border.

I don;t want to edit the border. I want to edit the text

It is part of the border. Use the advanced border edit button.

Just in case you are still having trouble locating this:


Guys, pretty sure he isn’t using that title styling. I could be wrong though. In this case though, still turn on advanced as without it you’ll struggle to do much. But instead, bind to the ‘text’ property of the label.

Possible I guess, but not sure what else it could be (outside of multiple components layered on top of each other) since the “Text” property in his screenshot is empty.

Ah, I missed that :sweat_smile: yep, looks like a title

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