Can not see tag for output in tag browser(on/off motor indicator)

So all I am doing is making indicators on/off for some conveyors. Most work. However there are 3 motors I am unable to see the tag for in igniton.
Example: O:5/7
Issue: my tag browser it only goes up to O:4/5
I’m not sure why I can’t see it? I tried refreshing and still can’t find it.

Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you for your time!
I attached pics

Creation of OPC items in the Tag Browser is not automatic. Where browsing is supported by a device, users typically drag and drop from the OPC Browser. (AB devices mostly support browsing.)

But I still don’t see it in the OPC Browser.Capture

Try editing the device settings and just clicking save. That’ll restart the device and should make it recheck the length of each of the files in that PLC. Refresh the OPC Browser at that point.

If it doesn’t show up in the browse you can still try manually addressing it.