Can not see Unit in the Numeric Label when it is in runtime

Hi, ,
I took a Numeric Label from the component palette, I put its tag into the numeric label, write the unit and etc , save the aplication, but when I put in the runtime form, the unit in the numeric label doesn’t seems.

My question is why is happening this? and what can I do to resolve it…

I will apreciatte your help…

Thanks very much!!

I noted that when I close the design window, of course I commit the changes too, and when I open the window again, the units have dissapeared.

please help me… :confused:

and Thanks again…

When you drag a tag onto a component, it binds multiple properties. In this case, I suspect that the units property is bound to the tag’s Engineering Units property (Notice that the Units property is Bold, am right?)

You should either:

  1. Edit the tag’s engineering units instead of the label’s units field
  2. Remove the binding on the units field so it doesn’t get overwritten when the window opens.

Ohh very good you were right, Units property was Bold, I took off the Binding and now the problem on the unit of the numeric label has gone.

Thanks very much!!! :wink:


Is there a way to setup what is bound when I drag a tag onto an item?

No, it is pre-configured based on the type of item. This is an area we are looking at for 7.4, however.