Can one Report parameter be based off another paramter?

I’m converting an old report that was used to only be printed off the GUI for clients to a gateway report to be saved via

Given the report used to be only used in the GUI, they had it so some paratmers were based on other paramteres in expression bindings. I tried to recreate that in Report setup like this -

Where noteNT_Flag is based on the value of a dataset which is another parameter. Is this possible? Or do I have to make the default value something static and do this lookup via scripting to feed the report as a paramter?

Using 7.9.9 fwiw

I’m pretty sure parameters flow in order - so as long as your secondary parameters are ‘after’ their parent, this should work fine.

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I was able to get rid of the warnings by making the default value of Report_Data runScript("system.dataset.toDataSet(['Analysis Results'], [[0]])")

Note that the warnings don’t actually stop report creation. So I don’t think runScript("system.dataset.toDataSet(['Analysis Results'], [[0]])") is necessary over runScript("system.dataset.toDataSet([], [])") unles you don’t want those report warnings in your logs, though you can probably filter them out differently anyways.