Can passing UDTs slow an entire project down? Or just the particular screen?

I am working on a project that has been worked on by others in the past. I just found out that there are about 6 templates that pass an entire UDT that has 40 parameters. These 6 templates are used 100+ times throughout the project. The screens that use several of the templates are definitely slower than a normal screen, but not by a lot.

Is it worth my time to change the templates to use indrect tag bindings for the UDT parameters instead of passing the entire UDTs into the templates? Would I see any noticeable performance increase project wide? Or just on these particular screens that house the templates?


Maybe. But the odds are good that it would help.

FWIW, I never use UDT parameters. I always pass a tag path instead.

By passing a tag path instead you mean putting the tag path into the indirect tag binding right? Or am I misinterpreting?

Your template accepts a parameter of type string and uses indirect tag binding(s) to retrieve the individual UDT members it needs.