Can Perspective Session Properties be Accessed from Project Scripts

I’m wanting to setup a progress bar in a view to do what progress bars do.
The screen actions the user generates calls a Project Script.
I created a Session Custom Property that I wanted to use to drive the progress bar.
The clients are run on tablets using the Perspective App and each session needs to have its own data for the a number of things, and this would be one of those. Hence using tags in not a good option (since they are common to all clients).
Is there a way in the Project Script to access Session Custom Properties?
Or, is there another solution that I’m just not seeing?


Pass the session as an argument to the function in your project script.

I had thought about that, but I didn’t find anything in my searching around that indicated how to utilize it in the Project script. I may be blind, or just ignorant (or both). I can pass the value in, but just don’t know how to use it.
Can you point me down the right path?

Custom session props are accessible under session.custom:

	def doSomethingWithSession(session):
		print session.custom.myCustomProp

The regular props are under session.props.

I am blind! You said to pass the “session” in as an argument. I saw “session id”! :frowning: