Can Report Module connect to Rockwell stored data

Hi There, we have a customer that is considering Ignition and very interested in the Report Module. This facility has years of data stored in SQL from Rockwell RS-SQL / Transaction manager. Can the Report Module create table views and reports from this data, or is it only from Ignition stored data?

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If you can establish a connection to it with a JDBC driver, you can query it with Ignition throughout, generally speaking.

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Most likely it will be SQLServer, due to Rockwell's unholy alliance with Microsoft...

Huh. I may have said the quiet part out loud.

We had an instance of Transaction Manager here as part of a 'Rockwell provided solution' in some confounded setup that required seven bits of software to all play nicely with each other. They didn't. After they called me while on vacation to fix it, I replaced it with FSQL (Ignition before it was Ignition), replicated everything done by Transaction Manager, and haven't looked back. Still running 12 years later, though I've offloaded a lot of it to an Ignition instance.