Can someone post the benchmark whitepaper?

the link to it on the blog now points to a webpage. I wanted to show the results to a customer. … Whitepaper

Here it is


just to expand a little on this particular project:

we are looking at approximately 2500 devices, with approximately 125k tags total. update time should only be about 2-3 times per hour max. it seems to me that with a high level server this should be no problem for ignition.

I’m going to be honest - 2,500 devices is a much larger number than we’ve ever tested (~100).

Off the top of my head the most obvious issue is gong to be the number of threads this forces the Gateway to use. You’re going to want to use a 64-bit JVM so you can up the max memory, and decrease the per-thread stack size memory with the -Xss flag.

More “large-system” testing and benchmarking is something we’re working on.