Can the "From Address" in the notification block in Alarm Pipelines have parameters?

Is it possible to dynamically put something in the “From Address” field in the Alarm Pipeline notification blocks?

For instance, we have a pipeline setup for all of our alarms that already has all the notification blocks setup and we have a From Address with, for example, We have built an internal ticketing system that successfully triggers a tag with alarms that uses that same pipeline, but want the from address to have something else like, Is this possible?


The barrier to that is normally the security restrictions on the mail server. As a spam prevention measure, most services verify that that From: address matches the account that logged in to submit the email. Some servers can be configured with a list of allowed From: addresses. If you run your own mail server, it is relatively easy to set up. Relative to the difficulty of running one’s own mail server, that is. /:

Would this allow us to dynamically use the same notification block with different “from addresses”? That field doesn’t have a binding option and not sure it allows parameters, eg. something in curly braces.