Can Ubuntu 22.04 be officially approved?

Will you be replacing the “tested with Ubuntu 20.04” with 22.04? It is LTS.
Supported Operating Systems

  • Windows Server 2016/2019/2022
  • Windows 10/11
  • macOS (10.14+)
  • Linux (support for popular distributions, tested with Ubuntu 20.04)

This is something we are working toward certifying. I don’t have a current timeline on when the testing will be complete.


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Last I checked, the GNOME interface wasn’t 100% consistent will full-screen/Kiosk windows. Sometimes it would allow fullscreen and other times it wouldn’t (it would limit the window to the area not taken by the side launcher and the top header, but would show the desktop background through those areas if that makes sense).

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That’s the problem.

Kubuntu for the win!

(Xubuntu when you need something lightweight.)

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The primary concern is that the Ignition Gateway runs.

I think you’ll find there’s unlimited potential for Linux UI bugs, especially if you try to use high DPI.

Glad to see there is still work being done on it. Thanks for the inputs.

Has anyone tried Zorin OS? Looks to be Ubuntu based, but has a more Windows look and feel to it to try to make it easier for the inexperienced user to use the OS. In playing with it, it seems to work well, although it’s still running off Ubuntu 20.04.