Can we have component binding in Alarm associated column?

Hi Team,
I have a requirement in my project, a button component has to be embed in alarm status table column(Associate Column) for each alarm generated. When we click on the button it should navigate us to the respective position of the map view in another page. This will enable the customer to navigate from alarm of the respective equipment from the alarm status table. Moreover, can we have row click events for the alarm status table.

No, the Alarm Tables do not allow for inserting components or Views into columns like the Table does. To manage something similar, you would need to heavily modify a Table yourself to render your alarm data.

If you're looking to do some sort of navigation, I recommend setting to "single". You could then place a Button as a sibling to the Alarm Status Table, and bind some sort of custom property of the button against[0]. You can use that information to perform any navigation you're looking for.


Hi @cmallonee thank you for your support.

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