Can we install ignition 7.7 in the Windows Server 2003

Can we install Ignition 7.7 in the Windows Server 2003 with Ram space of 4 GB and internal memory of 100 GB.Thanks in Advance.

It depends on the version of Server 2003. If you have Standard, then you’re limited to 32-bit edition and the 4GB RAM. It will certainly run, but you may not be happy with it, depending on the workload. Especially if the database is on the same machine.

I put my 2003 OS to rest a couple of years ago, upgraded the RAM in the box to 64GB, and now run VMWare ESXi with a few virtual machines.

I wouldn’t dare recommend such a wimpy server. No matter how trivial the intended application, it’ll grow out of that box in a flash. And absolutely not if you intend to use the mobile module.

Thanks JordanCClark for the reply

thanks pturmel for the reply