Can we update transaction group by using scripting or any igniton function?

  1. export xml file of transaction group via any function or any scripting method?
  2. how can we edit xml file via python in igniton itself?
  3. how to save transcation groups after any edit via scripting only?
  4. wether we can use the func to update existing transaction grp or not?

These are the functions available to you.

@JordanCClark Thanks.
Can we update existing Transaction group by system.groups.loadFromFile?
Can End user is able to edit transaction group properties from client itself by using above mentioned function or by any other method?

Yes, one of the options is overwrite.

Not directly. Personally, I wouldn’t leave it to an end-user, as that can be rather dangerous, IMO. And I’m speaking as an end-user.

That said, if I were to do this, I would take an export of a transaction group to use as a ‘gold standard’, save it to a new file with whatever modifications you wish, then use loadFromFile() to bring it into a project.