Can you add a text to a style configuration?

Question, when creating a style configuration, can you add a specific text to a color setting?

For example, I have created a set of styles to show color for our VRTStatus. I can bind these in my template but I cannot add text with it also. I had to create another label in order to show both color and text.

Not directly through a style, without trickery (@victordcq, you’re up), but with a theme you could write a CSS selector that includes a content value:

Where exactly do you want the text to come?
Content does not work on svgs (the chart) (actualy its :after, but content doesnt work without :after/:before (expect for foreign objects which is not used in the chart))

It also wont translate so its really not recommended. css content should only be used for a few characters like units ihmo (kg,m,$…)