Can you Bind Multiple indirect tags in 1 Component Property?

Since I have an application I'm making for 2 identical machines, I had set up a lot of indirect tags utilizing a view param "Nip_Press" (set to 1 or 2). I have a component in perspective that is using a nested if structure on a few tags to check what to display. I was able to make all the other components indirectly bound to tags, but this is the only one that references multiple tags... but I don't think I can utilize multiple tags indirectly referenced in the same component? Or does anyone know differently?

Maybe consider making custom properties(either on the component itself, or maybe the root container if other components are going to use the values as well) that are each indirectly bound to one of the necessary tags.

Then on the actual property you want to drive/modify, use an expression that looks at those custom properties.



Ah, that's a good way to to do it, it definitely accomplishes what I was trying to do; avoid hard coding which machine it should be tied to. I just put it under custom on the component itself and it works great!

Thank you!