Can you break out the stylesheet window?

trying to modify styles. constantly flipping back and forth between view and stylesheet, and having to twirl the bloody triangles in the browser sidebar. can we pop the stylesheet's window out somehow? it's just brutal for prototyping a look/arrangement/&c.

No, but I guess you could have the same project opened twice, not sure if that would cause problems though.

In Windows the stylesheet is stored in the gateway
C:\Program Files\Inductive Automation\Ignition\data\projects<project name>\com.inductiveautomation.perspective\stylesheet\sytlesheet.css.

You could open that in your favourite editor. I'm not sure how you'd force a reload in Designer.

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From any gateway scope, system.project.requestScan.


That's interesting, Paul, thank you.

So to use it in designer one could create a script in Script Library and call that from Script Console.

Has it got any uses in a running project? Hmm, maybe if pushed project updates is not turned on the user could run it when it suited?

No, because script libraries assume the scope they are called from, in this case that would be a modified Vision Client scope.

I would create a message handler on the gateway, and call it from the script console.

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