Can you create tooltips?

I’d like to show tooltips over a button indicating what it does. Is this possible?

Yes, all components in FactoryPMI have a property called “Mouseover Text”. Type in the tooltip message that you want here, and it will show when the user hovers his/her mouse cursor over the component.

Tip: Use HTML formatting if you need multi-line tooltips.

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Keep in mind that the “Mouseover Text” property is bindable like most other properties in FactoryPMI. You can use this property for “dynamic tooltips” - one of Intouch 9.0s major new features. This will create a tooltip that displays live values for the operator.

Here’s an example of how that might work.

  1. Create a dynamic variable called temperature. Bind it to an SQL query so that it’s value is always the current tempurature.
  2. Bind the “mouseover text” property to the following expression (Carl’s recommendation):
"<html>Compressor 1<br>Current temp is:<b><font color='red'>" + {temperature} + "°</b></font></html>"

This would display the following tooltip:
[size=75]Compressor 1
Current temp is: [color=red]175°[/color][/size]

You can create color changes between green and red depending on the temp, and additional flexibility with FactoryPMI expression functions.

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