Can you do drop config with multiple tags?

The Drop Configuration section of an object is an array, which to me implies you can add multiple configurations to it like this:

Screen Shot 2022-05-17 at 2.33.25 PM

But if I can do this, how can I select/drop multiple tags and get them to align in the object? It seems like the Drop configuration is only applied to one tag out of a multiple selection.

The reason I want to do multiple explicit tags is because I am talking to an Emerson PLC, and they only do a linear OPC UA name space. So if I wanted to do a Drop Config of a UDT, I’d manually have to create the UDT in the first place, and I don’t want to have to manually perform that step.

From what I can tell from the manual on that Drop Config, that dataTypes property is a list so you can specify different parameters for tags with different data types. Meaning if you drag a float tag onto the view, that tag will be bound to parameter x whereas if you drag an integer tag, it will be bound to parameter y. I don’t think the drag and drop behavior you are looking for exists for multiple tags unless you use a UDT.

One workaround off the top of my head would be passing in the base tagPath as the parameter, and then setup indirect bindings in your view based on that tagPath to the different tags, but UDTs may be a more scalable solution.

OK, sadly your reading of the documentation makes sense.

UDTs are the “correct” way to go, but creating UDTs is going to be more painful than manually dropping tags into separate parameters.

But if I was to wish for a pony as well, in the case of a multiple Drop scenario I’d love dialog box to pop up and allow you to drag each tag to a parameter and then hit OK.

@PGriffith Just tagging you here to ask about another way of doing things.

Are there any hooks in the SDK side of Ignition that would allow you to intercept the Drop Target process and perform a multiple tag drop onto an object?

I don’t think so, no. It’s all handled within the Perspective module, with no intentional hooks exposed.

So much for that idea