Can you have different projects running off of one gateway?

Hello Everyone,

First post here, though I’ve been a reader for a couple months now. I have a quick question about running different projects on the same gateway. I would want two distinct Ignition projects to run on two different computers. Though, I would want the concurrently running and different projects to be ran off of one single gateway. This is possible, correct? I tested this on my computer and can run different projects at the same time but was looking for any type of documentation that confirmed this. Any information regarding this topic would be helpful.

Thanks in advance!

Welcome! And yes. Put as many projects as you want on one gateway (up to hardware performance limits). And run them on as many clients as you have a license for–again, up to gateway hardware performance limits.


Awesome, thanks for confirming this for me and for your quick response!

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I wanted to add one note to this. Ignition Edge specifically is limited to one project. Edge is a specific lightweight version of Ignition meant for the edge of network, and it doesn’t sound like you are using it.

Full Ignition, as witman noted, can have many projects on the same Gateway.