Can You Import Templates (Components) From Vision into Perspective?

Basically what the title says. I know there is a components tab, and have been using those…however, for the life of me, I cannot find any way to create, let alone import, components into perspective. We have lot of pretty specialized templates that we use, so I may need to recreate them.


You must re-create them. Vision and Perspective are fundamentally different technologies.

Thanks! I believe I’m blind, because I do not see where to create or edit components in perspective (outside of properties).

You create views. That is the closest thing to a template. Unless you use the SDK to construct a true React component.

So, there’s no way to actually draw a component, then.

There are no standalone shape drawing tools (yet) in Perspective, no. Right now the recommended path is to use an external SVG editor (ie, Inkscape) to create the file(s), which can then be imported into Perspective pretty easily.

Drawing tools are high on our to-do list, but generally, bug fixes > new features.

So, if I create a new tank in Inkscape, will I be able to add animations over that (eg> tank level or pump status)?