Can you make a checkbox bigger?

Short of “rolling your own” with images?

You can’t without some coding and some images to represent selected/unselected state.

You could Make your own out of a group of components pretty easily. The only really hard part is that you have to make your own checked and unchecked images. In 5 easy steps:

  1. Take an Image component and a Label component and group them.
  2. Add a ‘selected’ dynamic property to the group.
  3. Use an expression binding to switch between checked and unchecked images based on the groups ‘selected’ property.
  4. profit!

You could take it one stop further and make multiple sizes of checkbox and use a dynamic property to choose which size to use.

Is this still True. I have to make my own? I just wanted to check before spending the time, thx.

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Did you ever find a response to your question? Is this still true?

At least within Ignition 7.9, it is still not an option. I wouldn’t worry about spending the time, you could make it into a small template pretty quickly by following Robert’s instruction above.

I’m not sure if anything will change for Ignition 8, but I wouldn’t get hopes up too much.

Thank you for your response. Will check for it in 7.9

Ok, I misread your response. Checkbox cannot be made bigger in 7.9 also as you mentioned. I will try Robert’s instructions.