Can you Mount a project?

Is there a way to mount a project within another project? We created a Roster Management project and would like to mount this project to a url within another project.

This might be helpful…

I don’t want to inherit a project. What I would like to do is mount (or link) a project from within another one. This way I can create a bunch of micro projects that I can link to rather than create a single monolithic project where everything lives. it makes it easier for multiple developers to work on projects.

Multiple developers can edit the same project simultaneously. If they are working on visualization (Vision or Perspective), then they can very easily work on separate templates, windows, and views. Many Ignition projects are a series of Windows (Vision) or Views (Perspective) that are linked together via a navigation strategy to form the monolithic project.


In vision you have the ability to “Retarget” between projects.
I.E. Click a user management button to trigger a script to retarget the user to the user management project.
Not exactly my approach, but it is possible.

The short answer is no. Project inheritance is the closest thing you’re likely to get, first party, for some time. An iframe might handle some cases, but has lots of hurdles re: authentication that probably make it unworkable.

This is EXACTLY the kind of strategy I was looking for. Thank you.