Can you parameterize a Transaction Group?

I can create a UDT and parameterize it, so that when I create instances of it, each instance points to somewhere different. Can I do something similar with a Transaction Group? Or am I better off simply creating a parameterized Jython script to do what I want? (and if so, where would be an example?)

My use case is that I need to extract information from an external DB based on a system ID, and drop the results into an instance of a UDT that is based on that same ID.

And now that I think about it, if I go the Jython route, can I attach that script to the UDT itself? (I can see that I could attach it to a parameter of a UDT)


This might help you some Dynamically-Driven Transaction Groups In SQL Bridge?

I’m not sure on the status of dynamic transaction groups

That seems what I want. But I haven’t seen anything that would support the dynamic transaction groups