Can you Pass Parameters bi-directional

I have created a custom property which is bound to a memory tag. I have entered this custom property in the pass parameters on an event of a label on this window.This event is the opening of a pop up. I have created a custom property in the pop up with the same name as the custom propoerty in the original window,I have also created a numeric text field in the pop up and bound it to the custom property. I have ticked bi-directional on the properties binding but put the value I type in the pop up will not pass to the memory tag.

So you want to pass a custom property in a pop up window back to the main window that has a custom property that is linked to a SQLtag? Why not just read / write from the SQLtag directly?

The custom property can write back to the tag, if you linked the custom property on the pop-up back to the SQLTag, then select bi-directional. However, not sure why you would need to pass any parameters then…

Otherwise, you will need to check out system.gui.getParentWindow() in the user manual.
Not sure that will work thou.


I want to only have one pop up window for all analog alarm setpoints. I have created custom properties for high and low alarms and these are bound to memory tags and the analog value (opc tag) and the analog name. For each analog on a window I am creating pass Parameter in the event handler. The analog value (float) and the analog name (string) works fine but the value that is typed in the Popup for the alarm setpoints are not going back to the memory tag that is bound to it in the parent window.
Any ideas??

Oh ok, I do the same thing. However, I build the tag I want with the parameter passing.

I created custom properties called PLC, AREA, SYST, and COMPONENT.
I pass these parameters to the popups. Same with all my popups.
Then in the text area instead of using a property, select indirect tag. Still need Bi-directional checked.
Mine looks like:


{1} -> Root Container.PLC
{2} -> Root Container.AREA

I also use my tags to get the units, tooltips, descriptions, formats, etc… This way when I change it at the tag level all three projects (Main - 24" monitors, Touch - 17" monitors, Ipad app) get updated.

Hope that helps!

Thanks Chris I’ll give your solution a go