Can you store more than just the tag name in the history?

As I have to work with the ‘other’ official language in this country, I have been using the tooltip as the “display Name” for a point instead of the tag path.

This works everywhere except for history. If you could store tag meta data as well as the path, then I could have a complete solution.

Given your last post in this thread, can I assume that tooltip and other select meta data can be stored as well?

No, that’s not what I had in mind… over there we’re talking about the ability to replace a tag’s “timestamp” with a timestamp from a different source- system vs. opc (which usually is the same, but will sometimes be different), NOT the ability to just store any arbitrary property.

The problem with discussing how to store any arbitrary property is that I can really visualize how it would work cleanly with the way querying works right now. Sure, you could say “Give me the history of this property from time x to y”, but that’s probably not what you want- you probably want that information as some sort of rider on a different query.

Perhaps we need a separate type of query that would return a set of more complex objects instead of just the basic “value/quality” pair. Honestly it’s a bit hard for me to think about this right now because we have so many other outstanding (and comparatively more basic) things to do. But feel free to post ideas.