Cancel alarms from Pipelines

I am not able to cancel the alarms from the Pipeline
Hitting the cancel button wont do anything.

Cancellation is evaluated at the transition between pipeline blocks. It won’t stop a block mid-evaluation.

Hmm, no, some blocks also check if an event has been cancelled.

Can you get a thread dump and upload it to this post?

Here is the thread dump
thread_dump.txt (221.5 KB)

Sorry, I don’t see anything obviously wrong. You may need to run this through support so they can enable logging and catch it if it happens again.

Okay thanks.

I have the same situation, more than 5000 connections to an alarm pipeline stuck on SplitterBlock.
I modified the “Dropout condition” in the Alarm Notification Pipeline for exiting on “Acknowledge” and “Cleared”, but the connections remain active.
When I use the cancel button in the Pipeline Status page, this message is added in the gateway log page:
“Item bd9fc2ee-50d0-4ada-a53d-2cbc7daa10ff in pipeline “Critical System Failure” canceled status request.”
However, the number of connections does not decrease.

How can I purge them ?

I had the same problem too. The cancel button ended up never working, so whoever was assigned to the notification pipeline kept getting an email notification for the “TestPage/TEST_ALARM.” I just ended up restarting the gateway, and the alarm went away.