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We are migrating from Ignition 7.8 to Ignition 8.1. We have a new VM setup with version 8.1 and we restored our 7.8 backup. We have been testing during non-production times when we can stop the 7.8 gateway and turn the trial on for version 8.1. However, the trial lasts for 2 hours and I can't seem to figure out a way to "end" the trial earlier. A reboot doesn't stop the trial, and if I stop ignition services with the .bat file then when I start the services back up it resumes the trial where we left off. Does anyone know a way to stop the trial without having to let it time out? We have issues if we run both gateways at the same time, so this limits our testing windows and also commits us to waiting 2 hours for the trial to end before we can resume normal operation on the old server.

I would recommend getting in touch with your sales rep. They should be able to set up an x-number-of-days trial to help you out.



I am actually looking for the opposite. I would like to be able to turn the trial on for only 20-30 minutes to run some tests. Then turn it back off so that I can continue production on the 7.8 server. With the trial lasting 2 hours we are limited to when we can start it to do testing without interfering with production.

You should be able to just shut the gateway down. What does the setup look like ?

Yes, I can just shut the gateway down and that allows me to go back to the Ignition 7.8 server, however I then lose the ability to work within the 8.1 gateway to make changes/updates like I can when the gateway is active, but the trial has ended.

You should probably be doing those modifications on a separate, isolated development gateway anyway...


You should totally separate your testing gateway system and your production system.

Have a validation system setup with identical databases, gateways, etc... on a completely separate and isolated network from your production system. That way you can utilize the same hostnames, IPs, etc.. that way you can validate your system completely isolated from the production environment.

Then when it is time, you can just drop the older gateway, and move the replacement one into the system and it'll all just take off.

Also, I believe you can disable projects so that they don't run, be are still editable from the designer...

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Canceling the trial early is an avenue to abusing the trial mode entirely. You should be testing on a separate system with simulated DB and PLCs first, and only after that is satisfactory, testing on real hardware.

If you are sure you will be upgrading (and why would you not?), just buy the license. Then you can switch back and forth with the same license. Just ask IA sales to make the new license include the backwards-compatible module names.