Cannot access gateway page after 7.6.6 upgrade

Shortly after upgrading to 7.6.6 last week I ran into an issue where I was unable to access the gateway page. The solution was to restart the entire server (I was unable to restart the gateway service via services.msc). The restart helped (this was last week) but as I just tried to access our gateway this morning it appears the problem is back. The applications on the gateway still run via their direct links but very slowly.

CPU usage according to windows task manager is normal and the wrapper log file is still populating. I wish I had more information but it’s difficult to sift through the wrapper log file since there is so much content in it, and I can’t access the gateway page to get any diagnostic info.

Is this a known issue?

This is not a known (as of yet…) issue. Can you send/attach/email your wrapper.log file(s)?

Just an update, I unfortunately haven’t seen this issue again (feels weird wording it like that). I was hoping it would reoccur so I could submit wrapper.log with the estimated time it happened. The time of occurrence was anywhere within a two week span and I didn’t want to subject you guys to digging through a log file that big. I will let you know if it happens again. Case closed for now I guess. Thanks again for the response.