Cannot acknowledge some alarms

Hi all,

We have to make the Ignition alarms integrate with other systems through SQL. With FSQL/FPMI it was easy because there was no magic - just a very simple alarms table.

Through trying to get this to work, we’ve found that when we try to acknowledge some alarms they do not get updated in the database. In other words, when I pick a uuid and then call system.alarm.acknowledge on it, no acknowledge event is generated and the alarm_event_data table won’t get an entry with the user doing the acknowledge. This is happening with lots of the alarms though I haven’t been able to figure out the pattern to it. It seems to be happening with older alarms though (a week or so old, or more).

Anyone have any ideas as to why? I had wrongly believed that when I’d want to ack an alarm, it would just add a new ack event to the journal, as was explained here: