Cannot activate Maker License

I cannot activate the maker license. I just created this one, only use it on one computer.

The computer has access to the internet, I temporarily shut down all firewalls.

I saw on another topic to try to connect to


That seems to work.
What is wrong ?

The error is indicating that there is still an active session for that license key. Is there another gateway using it somewhere? You could reset the activation token and re-apply to your target gateway (which should then invalidate whatever other instance may be running out there).

I only use ignition on this computer, I have only one account, I just created this license, I dont use it elsewhere. Tried to delete and create a new one, same error message.

I logged on now, and it shows license active?
Was this a temp problem on the licensing server at Inductive Automation?

The typical cause is inadvertent "orphaning" of a given license session. When you start Ignition up with an 8-digit leased activation key and it gets a session from the license server, that session file will be persisted on disk. If that file is lost (say if you're using Docker and you recreate your container+volume), you'll have to wait until that session times out, thus freeing things up for a new lease.

I'd have expected a different error [than "No more activations allowed"] if it were some kind of outage with the license server infrastructure.

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