Cannot coerce value true into type: interface java.awt.Paint

Hi, i am trying to change the color of a circle to show red instead of green when an active alarm is on,
as you can see on the first picture, it toggles between black and green, if i double click the green and select red i get the error in the second picture.
I am using ignition 8.1.0 (b2021090812)


This seems to work for me on 8.1.10.

It must have been a bug in the designer, when i closed all designer and clients on my computer and relaunched the project, then i could change the color.

Iā€™m a bit curious for your reason to use 8.1.0?

That is the version that was on download when i got it the other week or two ago.
EDIT: and it should say 8.1.10

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