Cannot connect to OPC Server for Browse with RSLinx OPC

When I try to open the RSLinx OPC Server from FSQL show me the next error:

An error ocurred during browsing: Cannot connect the OPC Server for browse.

In the Log Viewer is genereted that is attachet in the topic

Any idea?

I think the clue is in the line “No hay licencia de uso de la clase”. What version of RSLinx are you using? I know you have to have a more expensive version to use it as an OPC server with non-Rockwell products, as explained in this link.

I have to say that my experience with RSLinx would lead me to recommend if at all possible you buy a version of KEPServer and use that instead. It’s easier to use and monitor and tends to be more reliable and have a lower level of network traffic.


Thanks Al,

The problem was that I update the version RSLinx of v2.50 to v2.51 and the licence was disable.

I had enabled and I can see again theRSLinx OPC Server from FSQL.