Cannot connect to OPC server for browse

I’m trying to use FactorySQL to retrieve data from a local KEPServer-EX OPC server. In the Frontend when I try to expand the OPC server tree to see the items configured in the OPC server I get the error message “Browse failed with message: Cannot connect to OPC server for browse”.

I can solve problem by configuring the FactorySQL service to run as “Local System” but I really need it to run under another account to facilitate communication with another OPC server (DeltaV).

Please tell me how to resolve this issue. If this is a permission issue, can you tell me which permissions are required to browse the OPC server?

Thank you for the phone support. In DCOM Configuration, I ended up only needing to allow Local Access in the Default Security of the Access Permissions for the “Everyone” group. No change was required in the Launch Permissions.

I was also able to remove specific permissions for the account that FactorySQL is running under.

No problem. For the sake of others who might stumble on this thread looking for DCOM help, I’d like to mention another thread that’s got a downloadable dcom guide and some info on dcom error logging: