Cannot create autobackup for internal database "settings"?

I keep getting these errors thrown rather regularly. Since autobackups are always a good thing, Any ideas?

I have attached the full text of the error.
autobackup_error.txt (5.17 KB)

Well, you are getting out of memory errors. Go into the Gateway configuration page and see what the Memory usage is under Status. You might want to try restarting Ignition. If you are using the 64bit version of Ignition you can increase the amount of memory if needed.

It ave’s about 175MB, according to the Status screen.
Running the 32bit version.

Go the C:\Program Files\Inductive Automation\Ignition\contexts\main\db and let me know how big the files are in that folder? 1kb 2,048 kb
settings.lck 1kb
settings.lobs 38,688 kb
settings.log 1kb 1kb
settings.script 126kb

Did try a full restart of the system yesterday, The error persists however.
That settings.lobs file seems… large for just settings?

That database isn’t overly large. Our projects take up a fair bit of room.

The log pretty clearly indicates you’re running out of RAM. What does Windows report as the memory usage for the Gateway process?

4,036k at the moment.
Java is humming along at about 600m.
The system as a whole has 4g(32bit Os however)

you might try increasing the amount of memory allocated to Ignition via ignition.conf to 1500mb.

Gave that a try, The error stayed away for almost 30mins, but it returned!

Right, what version of Ignition do you have? You want to give us a call so we can take a deeper look into your system.

7.2.6 and I’ll put a call in, thanks for the help!