Cannot create JDBC driver of class 'com.mysql.cj.jdbc.Driver' for connect URL 'jdbc://localhost:3306/

I am getting this error when trying to create a new database connection. I copied a working version that is working. The only difference is the name of the database.

The properties are as follows:

Name - MySQL

jdbc Driver - MySql

connection - jbdc://localhost:3306/acme

user Name - Tom

Password - yada_yada

Password - yada _yada

Extra Connection Properties - zeroDateTimeBehavior=CONVERT_TO_NULL;connectTimeout=120000;socketTimeout=120000;useSSL=false;allowPublicKeyRetrieval=true;disableMariaDbDriver

Enabled - True

Failover Datasource - none

Failover Mode - Standard

Slow Query Log Threshold - 60000

Validation Timeout - 10000

Get the full stack trace of the error message, it should have more information about why it’s failing.