Cannot Delete a Project

A server has projects from another server. These projects have a different authentication profile then the server. I have created a profile with the same name and set the gateway to authenticate against this new profile. When I go to delete the project the server says that I do not have permission to delete the project. I cannot figure out how to delete the projects that have authentication profiles that are different then then default authentication profile that came with the server.

Hello, did you get anywhere with this, I have the same issue.

The permission to delete a project is actually located in the Project Properties under Project > Permissions. You can either remove all the roles in this text field or assign one that your gateway user has.

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Had the same issue.
@osolorzano solutions works.

Just one point to add (Ignition 8.0.4):
If you restored the project from a different gateway, it may already have an old User Role assigned to the “Delete” and “Protect Resources”, and it cannot be edited.
You need to create the same User Role in the new gateway and assign a User to that User Role. Re-login on the web portal and then try to delete again.