Cannot delete user source

Currently picking up a project started by someone else who has left. There were two user sources in addition to the default; temp and temp_0, noted as “temporary user source profile created during password reset”. I was able to delete the first, but when I try to delete the second I get:

Cannot delete user source “temp_0”, the following objects depend on it:
[Ignition System Properties: “SystemAuthProfileId”]

What is happening here, and how can I resolve it?

You need to add another user source that ignition will be dependant on to login with, then you can remove the temp ones.

There is another user source (default, which has all the user accounts in it) - what I’m not sure about is which gateway setting/project setting is pointing to that temp user source.

This implies that under Gateway > Settings the “System User Source” is pointing to the “temp_0” auth profile.

Thanks Kevin. On the Configuration section of the gateway, under Security > General, both the System Identity Provider and System User Source settings were set to “temp_0”. Changed those and was able to delete the user source as normal.

Just a watchout for folks who run into this in the future. If you select to utilize the Identity Provider as the Designer Authentication Strategy the “System User Source” field is hidden and when you try to delete it will cause the error. To delete you need to change back to classic for the authentication, update the System User Source and save and then you can change back to Identity Provider Strategy and delete the Temp user source.


Thanks Nathaniel. This was the hint I needed.

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@djgilson No worries! Glad others have found this useful

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Bam! Thank you Nathaniel, I was working my way down this thread and scratching my head wondering where this mythical "System User Source" field was.