Cannot export UDT tags V7.6.6

Just upgraded to 64bit V7.6.6, and as part of ongoing project, I export tags and UDTs to CSV to create additional tags.

Exporting SQL tags work.

[attachment=2]ScreenHunter_150 Apr. 14 17.03.jpg[/attachment]

Now I get the following error:
[attachment=1]ScreenHunter_152 Apr. 14 17.03.jpg[/attachment]
[attachment=0]ScreenHunter_151 Apr. 14 17.03.jpg[/attachment]

This is a known issue and has been fixed for Ignition 7.6.7

OK thanks,
but let me rant for a bit.

I upgraded to V7.6.6 because of an issue with the Clgx driver in V7.6.4. That was fixed n V7.6.5, but as soon as V7.6.5 was released, immediately it was pulled from circulation because of an alarm journal issue.
I love the product and the support is amazing, BUT it is frustrating when something that worked before gets broken on a new release.