Cannot find "windowPath" on the Dataset Editor of Tree View

The above screenshot came from the Inductive University Online course.
When you create the tree view and select its dataset on the property view, the above window will pop up.
But when I created it on the 8.1, I could not find the “windowPath” but “path” only as below;

I still need “windowPath” to assign the item to the tree.
Any idea?

The name of the column doesn’t matter. I don’t know why they changed it in the IU video (ironically, probably to avoid confusion) but you can call the first column path or windowPath or whateverYouWant and it will still work the same.

The projects in IU, as well as the challenge file some of the challenges, make use of Project Templates. That “windowPath” column is added as part of the Vision Tree Nav template.

We talk about the column and how that project’s navigation works here: Tree View

In short, a script on the tree component needs the full path to a window when a user clicks on an item in the tree, so that custom column is added to map each item to a window in the project.

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