Cannot generate maker edition license for my home testing setup

I just installed a linux VM and installed ignition on my home computer and wanted to try out the maker edition, i cannot create a license:

Sorry about that. I’ve messaged our web team and notified them of this post to see if someone can take a look.

We’ve taken a look and believe the issue is due to when your login session in the IA Account system expires, which is after 5 minutes of inactivity. Could you please try making a Maker Edition license soon after you log in, and then follow up to let us know if that worked?
If that doesn’t resolve the issue, it will still give us more clues to investigate. Thanks for your patience!

It worked later on. But the error message is very non-descript of the issue if its login related.

I totally agree. I’m coordinating with some of the developers that work on the IA Account system to put the issue on their docket. Thanks for following up and letting us know that you were able to create a Maker Edition license.