Cannot get a connection

I have been having an issue where every few weeks I will get error codes like the picture, where my database connection drops out every few minutes.

Everything looks good except my store and forward ( 2nd picture)

But after a day to a week it will just start working. I have not followed closely enough to say with 100% confidence but tends to self repair over the weekends. IT says that they do nothing during this time with the server.

You could try increasing the max active pool connections.

This is a setting in the "advanced properties’ Edit Database Connection configuration in the Ignition Gateway.

The default value is 8 which is not very high.

You also check your slow query log to see if some slow queries are tying up your database connections.

What is a good number to set the pool connections to? And what is the down side to having it set to high?

Also where can I view the slow query log? Is that the live values in the database connections?