Cannot get alarm email notification on "any change"

I setup an alarm notification with the alarm mode set to equal and the setpoint set to a certain value. When I changed the tag value to the setpoint, an alarm notification was sent by email.

I took the same alarm configuration and changed the alarm mode to “any change” from equal and changed the tag value, and NO alarm notification was sent by email, but it did show up in the alarm journal.

Any Idea what could be causing this?

I did an earlier post on this, but I cannot see it anywhere, so If this is a duplicate post please ignore one of them.

I found something that I missed in the manual.

Any Change - An alarm event is generated every time the tag value changes. Note that this alarm will never be "active" because each active event is paired with a matching clear event, instantly.

I guess that this means that an alarm notification will never be sent out?

I am trying to get the alarm work using mode “Between Setpoints”

I have set it using the following:

Mode between setpoints
low setpoint 30
low inclusion true
high setpoint 90
high inclusion true
Any change true

but when the tag value changes within the low and high no email notification is sent and nothing shows up in the alarm journal.

Both scenarios you tried should work. Make sure your alarms are pointing to the correct pipeline, and that the pipeline has the “Cleared” dropout condition unchecked.

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I know the pipeline is working since I can change the mode to equal and set the value and it alarms and sends the notification.

Will look at the cleared setting.