Cannot get data to create new report

I am trying to make a chart of my project which has 4 machine stations.
In the report designer I am using a tag historian query similar to what is shown on the video.
I have each of the stations tags grouped into its own folder so there is a folder for station 1, station 2, etc.
I can pull tags into the selected historical tags and create the data source for the report.
I go into the report and the data source is there.
In the report design tab I put a table on the report. I pull the tags I want from the key browser data sources to the top row of the chart like shown on the video. Here is one of the 2 problems: sometimes the designer will place the tag with both @tag@
sometimes with one @tag or tag@. I made the white boxes at the top of the chart wider. The result is the same. As the mouse is dragging the tag it is normal @tag@, but when the mouse is released the result could be both @ or one at either end. Second problem: In any case nothing displays on the preview.
Corrupted software? The method to do this different than the video? I could not find much different in the manual either.
Running Windows 10 and Ignition 7.9.3.

Tags have data and data is being logged in MySQL tables.

Sorry, I said making a chart. I meant report. I’m trying to make a report.