Cannot get focus in Numeric Text Field

I have created a main window in 7.9 with two numeric text fields. When I run the screen in the designer, I am able to click in either field and type values. However, when I deploy the screen, I cannot click in either field or edit either field. These are the only 2 fields on the screen. I have one label that describes what should go into the fields and I have one button that runs a SQL script using the values from both fields. I have made them editable and bi-directional.

Check to see if the components are enabled, check the security settings on them , and check the role you are logging in with to verify you have the required role to use the client.

Sorry. I’m in China at a customer site with limited access to internet. And a huge time difference. Yes, components are enabled. Security settings are the same as other main screens. Set to inherit. I am logged in as an administrator. Still cannot get focus.

Next, check the following component properties: Editable and Protected Mode. If editable is not checked the component will be display only. Protected Mode requires a double click on the component to edit it. If those don’t work, the only other thing I can think of would be the focusGained event handler. You can script the component to reject focus, which is probably not your problem, but is possible if the component was copied from another project.

Thank you for your input. I figured out that in the scripting I needed to add focus to the mouse click.