Cannot Get Ignition To Start Anymore

All was well and now Ignition will not start.

message I am getting

Removed stale pid file: /usr/local/ignition/./Ignition
Waiting for Ignition Gateway…
WARNING: Ignition Gateway may have failed to start.

Any help would be greatly appreciated

Can you attach your (zipped) wrapper.log files?

Sure see attached (208.4 KB)

That wrapper log shows a gateway restarting normally, albeit slowly. Are you sure you’re not able to get to the gateway, about a minute after kicking off the restart?

I believe that wrapper may have been out of date.

Please see attached now with errors (209.8 KB)

Did you modify your ignition.conf recently?

Looks like there is a JVM argument there that might be improperly formatted which will cause the JVM to fail on startup.

Searching for “64” in that file might prove insightful based on this error:
INFO | jvm 5 | 2018/05/07 18:22:01 | Unrecognized option: -d64

Yes I was trying to increase the memory. I put it back to where it was and still is crashing

You can post the ignition.conf here if you want some extra eyes to look for the issue, or revert to a backup if you have one.

It isn’t quite back to the original form or it would be starting up. The JVM is pretty sensitive about what parameters it accepts when it is launched.

I think you’ve upgraded to Java 10 at some point. What happens when you do java -version in the terminal?

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Ahhhh. Ya 10.0.1 I guess that is the issue.

Yep - Java 10 is not (and won’t be) supported on Ignition 7.9. Java versions past 10 will only be supported on 8.0. Ignition 7.9.6+ will support Java 8 or 9 on the gateway.

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uninstalled 10, back up and running. Thanks