Cannot get UDP driver to work

I’m trying to get a serial-Ethernet device into Igntion as UDP. The settings seem minimal but I cannot get it function. The same device works in TCP. When I run wireshark I believe I can see the UDP from the converter but immediately I get a ICMP “Destination unreachable (port unreachable)” message, type 3, code 3. I do not have Windows firewall on. Can anyone help with this please.

Is the device configured to send UDP packets to the Ignition server?

I believe so. Wireshark picks up the UDP going from converter to laptop, then the error message is laptop to converter. It may be something silly but I’ve spent around 4 hours on this without any success.

Do you have the multicast option set to false?

Yes I have had the multicast set to false, I have also had both set to multicast and set the converter to Does wireshark indicate that the port is not open? Admittedly the device works in TCP and I believe Inductive Automation are working on a seperate issue that will let me carry on using TCP but I would like to get to the bottom of this.

When configuring it with multicast=false, what address are you using in the IP Address property?

With multicast set to false I have IP address Port 4001 (The Moxa device is set to SOcket, UDP, Destination Prt 4001, local listen port 4000). I was hoping the Wireshark message indicated something to someone who knows about these things, it show UDP coming from the converter but the port being unreachable???

Is the address of the device or the address of the Ignition gateway? With multicast=false, the address should be that of the gateway. is the gateway (laptop) is the Moxa serial to Ethernet converter.

[quote=“Brett Yeomans”] is the gateway (laptop) is the Moxa serial to Ethernet converter.[/quote]

Well, go ahead and try setting the IP Address property to, multicast=false, and the device configured to broadcast