Cannot import from Ignition Exchange

I have tried importing a couple ignition exchange resources into my gateway that I have imported before but had deleted. I am not able to to do this now.

This is the error

ProjectInvalidException: The selected file is an Exchange resource, not a project. Import using the Ignition Gateway web page.

Ignition v8.1.32 (b2023091211)
Java: Azul Systems, Inc. 11.0.18

Here are the two resources I have tried to import

Anyone else having this issue? I'm running on 8.1.32

Where/what page are you trying to do this upload/import?

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Unzip it then drill down to the Projects folder in the unzipped data.

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OMG :man_facepalming:, I don't remember having to do that the last time but oh well. Thanks!