Cannot import SVG

I'm attempting to add an SVG file I made in inkscape into Ignition Perspective coordinate view. I have the file saved as a .svg and I have the container selected properly. When I drag the file from file explorer into the view the mouse changes to the unavailable icon and no behavior occurs. I found some forum posts from 2012 talking about jre instances. Is this a known problem/feature that I'm unaware of that has an easier fix?

Maybe upload the SVG so others can try? But, seems likely there is something wrong with your SVG.

If you are new, I recommend creating something very simple first, like a circle, then embed. Saving as optimized SVG makes a huge difference in performance.

Lost of posts on this forum alone about Perspective and SVGs.

Inkscape, by default, saves a lot of settings in the SVG for Inkscape's own use. The save as Plain SVG option may do the trick.

Are you selecting the radio button to embed the object instead of adding it to the image library? I would recommend selecting the embed option.

What happens if you drag your SVG into a web browser?