Cannot launch server hosted project.designer views remotly

Previously hosted in a v7.9.10 gateway I had an ignition gateway instance remotely accessible through the ssl port of the gateway. I could launch vision clients, edit the gateway etc.

After updating the gateway to v8, the functionality is the same, only that I cannot open anything related to perspective remotely, when connected to the network the gateway is hosted on connection is as expected.

For example I cannot launch a full perspective session as it gets stuck on the loading page, swapping from half-way between ‘Initializing Client’ and ‘Authenticating’ to ‘Connecting’ and back again.

While in the designer I receive the below message:

‘wss://server address:8043/system/pws/project name/staging/96’ failed: Error during WebSocket handshake: Unexpected response code: 400

Please note that the perspective and vision components are part of the same project and that I can launch the existing vision client updated from v7.9.10 and can access it through the designer (both locally and remotely).

Anyone have any ideas? Did I perhaps miss a setting or is there something which is required to be setup for remote access to function on perspective?

Thanks, Sam

Looks like perspective is failing to open up a websocket for some reason, but it’s not clear from the error why that might be. Are there any gateway logs when this occurs?

The log message you posted, is it safe to assume that the server address and project name were correct in the URL?

What version of the beta are you on?

Hi Perry, thank you for getting back.
Currently on 8.0.0-beta0 (b2019011802).
Unfortunately there aren’t any logs when connecting to a session, only through trying to access a view in the designer.
Looking through the network source the highlighted line in the image is being run, I’ve redacted the full address but it is the local address of the server which is running the project. When connecting remotely this is the address which is being pointed at for the project.

Not sure I am completely understanding the situation, so bear with me to make sure I’m on the same page.

Let me know if I am wrong in anything here:

  1. You had a project in 7.9 that was imported into the beta 8.0 build
  2. Project has vision windows and is configured to operate over HTTPS via port 8043
  3. You have perspective module installed in the new 8.0 instance
  4. Launching an 8.0 designer fails with the error noted above (not sure about this?)
  5. You have a perspective project you are trying to run, with an appropriate Page Configuration that contains a valid View , but it fails when you connect to https://host:port/data/perspective/client/projectName/

If any of this is incorrect, can I ask you to provide a clear series of steps that result in an error, as well as a copy of the error? Maybe outline what happens when:

  1. You try to launch the designer for a project that has NO perspective projects configured
  2. You try to open the perspective resource workspace (for instance create a new View in perspective) in that project
  3. If 1 and 2 are successful, create a simple view that is configured to be visible at .../perspective/client/projectName/, save the project and try launching that simple single view.

The last screenshot posted, is that from an attempt trying to connect to the project in the client, or in trying to view a project based from the designer? The highlighted part in that image relates to information about the state of your redundancy configuration and doesn’t play a direct role in connectivity.

Hi Perry,
You are correct on all but 4, this issue is only applicable when not connected to the network of the gateway.
Towards 4, when on a remote connection the console only gives the error when in the ‘Perspective’ section in the project browser, specifically loading a view to edit. Vision windows are completely accessible as usual with no errors.

The ignition gateway is hosted on a server in my office, I can access it fine through both an Ethernet connection and wireless connections, different sub-nets but same netork. As soon as I try to connect from a network not connected to our network, i.e. home internet connection or 4G from my phone the exhibited reloading on sessions and errors in the designer occurs.

Going through your steps listed, I created a new project on the gateway (from a remote connection), created a default view. When the view was attempting to open I was given the attached log through the console. As soon as I was reconnected to our network the project behaved and loaded normally.

Error Log.txt (881 Bytes)

Gotcha - it looks to me like the websocket connection is being blocked. Is there a firewall/router or something like that preventing websocket connections? Could also be an incorrectly configured Apache/Nginx (or something similar) if you’re running any sort of reverse proxy or load balancer.

Ultimately though, something is blocking websocket connections when connecting from off the LAN.

Hi Perry,
Would you be able to provide any documentation regarding this?
From google the default port of websocket is 443, but there is no port listed in the gateway port reference page in the documentation.

Websockets connect over your standard configured http/https ports (e.g., 8088 and 8043 in default Ignition installs). We don’t do anything non-standard, so I don’t have a lot of documentation I can provide that doesn’t fall under general ‘websocket troubleshooting info I found on Google’. We have heard of websocket connectivity problems before, but so far they have 100% been dependent on particular hard/software and network configuration.

Servers/proxies can also cause issues with websockets due to buffering, so that might be another thing to ask IT/Network admin about. Lastly, some antivirus software is known to interfere with websockets at default settings. I don’t think that’s likely to be your issue (otherwise it would probably be the same symptom both on and outside your LAN), but it’s one more thing to look into.

I think your next steps are probably going to be to work with IT to see if there are settings specific to your network/hardware that might be impacting connectivity, and perhaps doing some searching on your particular hardware/network setup and “websocket”.