Cannot list connected clients - Ignition v7.9.4

Hello all,
In Ignition 7.9.4, I have problem to list who has which application launched. I would like to check if some people aren’t using a “guest” account:

…this has been shown for like last 20 minutes.
…has any of you ever faced this problem? Did you solve it?

Thank you, take care

Do you have a lot of clients connected? I’m pretty sure we’ve improved the loading of pages like that since 7.9.4, which is almost 3 years old.

Hello Kathy,

peaks are 60-70 clients connected simultaneously. Usualy around 50 (and with 50 clients, the problem is still the same). In other location, we have Ignition v7.9.10 and it lists clients immediately with no problem. The amount in the other location is also around 50.

Is that too much?

Thanks,take care.

Yeah, sounds like you need to upgrade to a newer version of 7.9.

Duly noted. Thank you for your feedback. Take care.